Sweet potatoes and carrots Burgers

 *Tip and Tricks?

Those burgers can be eaten  as a main course with a salad, but also as dips for the aperitif.

Besides they are still good cold!


*The small element which makes the big difference? 

The taste of the mint is really fresh! 

The use of walnuts and dried fruits that are super healthy.

For 4 servings,  that is 12 burgers


Ingredients to be prepared



4 soup spoon of olive oil

1 average size chopped onion



250 g of carrots sliced thinly 

250 g of sweet potatoes sliced thinly

100 gr of pistachio nuts 

2 cloves of garlic sliced thinly 

Salt and pepper



75 g of dry  apricot 

50 g of raisins 



3 soupspoon of flat-leaved parsley

3 soup poon of fresh mint 

2 soup spoon of fresh bread-crumb 

1 egg yolk 

40 g of flour 

Salt and pepper 

30 cl of sunflower oil



For the sauce: 

1 yogurt nature 

125 g Fresh mint chiseled

Salt and pepper




In a big pan heat products A, during 5 minutes over medium heat.


Add products B. Leave it cook under cover during 30 minutes, until the vegetables become soft and caramelized. Continue another 10minutes with no cover to evaporate the remaining liquid.


Off the heat, mix A+B+C and chop everything in a blender. 


Add ingredients D. Cover and to let it rest for about one hour in the refrigerator.


Prepare the sauce by mixing all the ingredients of the list E


Make pancakes of the size of a golf ball and grill them on each side in the sunflower oil until that they have a beautiful color.


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