Zucchini pancakes.

 *Tip and Tricks?

 Kids will not realize they are eating zucchinis


 *The small element which makes the big difference? 

The are so light!!!! It is perfect for a dinner.

Quickly done: 10 minutes is necessary to make the mix and 5 minutes to warm them and they are ready! 

Contrary to traditional pancakes the dough doesn't need to rest.   (Otherwise the zucchinis will give water. )

For 4 people, 


Ingredients to  prepare:


2 medium-sized  zucchinis largely grated with the big holes of your grater. You can leave the green skin!

2 soup spoon of cornstarch

2 eggs

150 gr of ricotta

a little curcuma powder,or freshly grated.


colza oil for the frying pan



Mix all ingredients of the list until you obtain a rather thick dough. 

Warm the colza oil in a frying pan on medium heat. Pour a small ladle of dough to form a round and cook 2 min. approximately on every sides. 

Repeat operation with the rest of the dough!


You can keep them warm in the oven preheated in 100 ° during the process.


To eat with:

A nice green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, radish...


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