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 Education starts at home and

  not at school!


About Toütep 's video : Prince EA - J'appelle à la barre M. Education Nationale. 

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Education starts at home and not at school! and it makes me feel a bit angry when I hear how easy it is to put the responsibility  on others!


Even though I am able to hear about the facts, listen to the opinions and understands the points made, 



 Education starts first at home and not at school. It is the parents'role to show kids who you can become in life. The school is here to suggest activities...


Are you sure you are an example? Be the person you wish your kid to become. 

Are you teaching your kid to be creative, open, and pro-active when you complain about a system?

Are YOU doing everything to change what you do, not like in those schools? 

Do you speak up during the school parents'night to be able to raise your voice and be heard? 

Is that how you would like your kid to react when he is not happy with something? 

Your kid will follow what you do! and the decision you make for him for a certain while at least. You can and will not be able to blame the school.


Different schools exist. So why are your kids not in them?  If schools are so bad, did you do everything you could to enroll your kids in another one you believe more?

Your kid might ask you later why you let him in such a system you did not believe in.

How would you like your kid to react when he thinks something is not good? ask yourself; What would you tell him? or her?

Changes starts with yourself. Do it! and do not come with the excuse that it costs too much! Find a way! Everything is possible and you will do it!



I loved school and I still love school. I have good souvenirs when I think of the time I spent there and I see a natural smile on my face just by thinking of it.

Of course, it was not easy! of course I remember bad moments...

Kids copy. It is your duty to be credible. 

How can you be surprised some kids do not like to go to school when they hear from their parents how bad it is?

What do you expect? 

Maybe you have a greater influence that you think you have. Be confident! Your kid trusts you, NOW!


Somehow through time it is true the system seems not to have changed in most of the schools. I agree. It is striking! BUT the kids are not the same...??? 

They managed to change? Look around you? Even though the majority of young people are going to the same institution than 50 years ago, they are not swimming like fishes in an aquarium? They find their own ways; It is great!

Can you not notice how the young generation from now is not to compare with our generation from the same age? I can! BIG TIME! Spot the difference!and there are more than 7! Believe me!


Some young people have blogs, talk about their feelings, open up, knows much more about what is happening in the world, involve themselves in their passion, they uses bikes instead of cars, they live together in a house instead of alone in a little studio, they travel, in other words they connect, they shine...

Of course not all! and especially not the one that we picture on the media everyday! but don't you see them around you? in your life? all you friends kids?  Am I the only one meeting exceptions? and exceptional parents?


Maybe and certainly they are helped with the technology and other source of education than school, but they find their ways...things are happening... and I have great faith in the younger generation. I support them 100 percents! 


The world and your life will never be exactly as you wish. The grass will always be greener somewhere else...but look at what you have...are you not happy after all your kid can go to school when you know that so many on earth do not have that chance and only wish they could just go??? Going to school is a chance! 


My kid teacher is not perfect. I love her with her strength and her weakness...she does not teach my son the same things and the same way I do. I do not expect her too. It allows me to show him, there is not one way nor one vision. He can have his, he can express his. There is always a way and everything is possible!


No one is perfect: Something else your kid needs to know...If you think your kid is as negative about school as you are then change them! Find a teacher that suits you and your kid...nothing worse than being on a wrong path...


Deep inside you, you know, schools and its system are not so bad! It depends where you stand to look at it! Think about it, and teach your kid to see from different angles.

It is the best you can do for them! 


Education starts with parenting! not school...


Now? What are your opinions? if you wish to tell us about them or comment my article bellow, the space above is for you.


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