About Amaranthe...


Amaranthe is the person without whom this blog would not exist. Always smiling , full of energy, passioned, enthusiast. She gives training which are very well tied up. 





 The training are for diverse persons: professional people or not, novice or experimented, young or less young. Amaranthe knows how to teach her knowledge to all in a very accessible way. Although time flies during the day, she has a personalized attention that allows each person to move forward at its pace. The training is super organized, there is a good balance between theory, practice, break, snack, and interactions. 


*The small element which makes the big difference?


*meetings with people of various horizons with different objectives. Share concrete ideas of blogs and see them developing through out the day...


  *Tip and Tricks?

*Amaranthe quickly answers any communications and this up front, during and after the training. 
*It is possible to car pool between the people who join. Very well organised!
*a recap. booklet concerning the main subjects mentioned  is handed out to each one.




A special THANKS for that rich day full of positive vibes!

If you want  more info, see bellow:

Contact: Sylvie de Meeûs

Téléphone:+32 (0)81 58 20 98

(permanence téléphonique le mercredi matin)

Email: info@amaranthe.be



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Caroline Spirk
+32 473 71 78 50
   41 rue bois du bosquet
1331 Rosières, Belgium



Belgium : 2 EUR (free above 50 EUR)

Europe : 5 EUR (free above 100 EUR)


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