About me

Who am I? and what is that blog about?


 I have the head in the clouds (or in the whipped cream?) and the feet on the ground. Very greedy, I have a passion for cooking and food in general. The taste of good products, their colors, their odors. That impacts directly on all my senses!


I like to write. I have been writing diaries for 28 years! Paradoxically, I am dyslexic. I make spelling mistakes despite all my good efforts. And there are believe me! I write as I think. I create my own vocabulary. If I could create my alphabet it would look like a continuation of emojis! I love to mix English and French words….


Images, photos, drawings I adore them! It is very simple! Pinterest was invented for me. Instagram also! And by the way, I make my living by drawing. I have been a stylist / graphic designer for more than 15 years. I know everything about sewing!


I always have thousands of  ideas, and desire to try everything. I am full of passions. I think by now I must have about 2317! Dreams? I do not count them any more. One day a man shaman told me: " I see in you a garden. The grass is laying within you,  fresh and you know what? It is growing! " He was right. The nature is my world. Especially flowers,and vegetable gardens.


 I like to share what I am discovering. I will share that with you too!  So many great places to be discovered!


I love people! I love getting to know people.  It is fascinating! There are so many that are so talented!  Somehow I would like you to be connected to them too. 



A blog 100 % passion, enthusiastic and above all relaxing.


Release all the tensions in your body. Feel your shoulders heavy. Sit down comfortably. Inflate your stomach, inhale. (If needed, open the first button of your pants, I know, it's great!I do it myself) sit straight and expire! A little meditation, a little reflection, it is A MUST! My essential daily exercise! 


Now that you are a little more informed on me, and well installed,

Get ready to discover:


 MOOD to reflect and to feel good

RECIPE to be tempted, 

HOT SPOT to discover,

PEOPLE to connect with.



And all this in two languages to be able to share with a maximum of people!

Here we go! Guys! Let’s do it!





 Stay close to nature it will never fail you!







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+32 473 71 78 50
   41 rue bois du bosquet
1331 Rosières, Belgium



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