About education...

 Education starts at home and

  not at school!


About Toütep 's video : Prince EA - J'appelle à la barre M. Education Nationale. 

(posted on my wall on the 3rd of November2016)


Education starts at home and not at school! and it makes me feel a bit angry when I hear how easy it is to put the responsibility  on others!


Even though I am able to hear about the facts, listen to the opinions and understands the points made, 



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About dreams...

What if you would win one million euros?

What would you do!?

Allow yourself to dream big! 

Write a list of things you would do with the money!

You might loose your head a bit if you do win and might become handy to follow a to do list!;-)


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About diet

What diet are you following?

There is not right or wrong diet.

There is only the diet you wish to follow!

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